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Mars Needs Women
Remasters of Their Domain
"Folk-rock bands are from Venus, garage-rock bands are from Mars."

Man Behind the Curtain Productions is pleased to present t
his landmark release. This 2-disk set meticulously documents the short-lived invasion of the University of Dallas by five aliens from the Red Planet who proceeded to ruthlessly obliterate any classic BluesRock song in their path.

Their influential* brand of frantic ThrashaBilly was so overpowering that Earth simply surrendered, offering a gig opening for the Reverend Horton Heat in exchange for a promise to return to Mars immediately thereafter. Their mission to procure Earth women was deemed a success,** and they were never heard from again -- until now.

Ironically, the brief reign of terror by these young Martians in a hurry*** would have been completely forgotten except for a handful of rough cassettes and some snapshots of the devastation. With the aid of modern digital technology, MBC Productions has combed through these historical records and compiled this collection of their most frightening and error-free moments.

*      How influential? Anybody who heard them resolved to never sound like that.
**    It wasn't a success, it was just "deemed" a success.
*** They set the land speed record for "Ain't Got You" at 1:31.

For background research purposes, you may wish to watch the trailer for the movie "Mars Needs Women" (1968) at Netflix.

Disc One: Mars Needs Practice

1    These Blues (Erken)
2    Under My Thumb (Jagger/Richards)
3    Friday at Three (Downs/Erken)
4    Start Me Up (Jagger/Richards)
5    Jericho (Erken)
6    Ain't Got You (Carter)
7    Right From the Start (Wright)
8    Jericho (take 2)
9    These Blues (take 2)
10  Seen Enough (Erken)
11  Ain't Got You (take 2)
12  Sometimes the Night (Erken)
13  Hey Downs (Downs/Erken)
14  Pictures (Erken)

Disc Two: Mars Attacks!

1    Tush (Gibbons/Hill/Beard)
2    Start Me Up
3    Twenty Flight Rock (Cochran)
4    Little Molly (Downs/Erken)
5    Certain Girl (Neville)
6    Ain't Got You
7    These Blues
8    Too Much Monkey Business (Berry)
9    Under My Thumb
10  These Blues
11  Seen Enough
12  Little Molly
13  Ain't Got You
14  Certain Girl
15  Jericho
16  Chain of Love (Erken)
17  Hey Downs
18  Right From the Start
19  Billie's Bounce (Parker)
20  Little Sister (Pomus/Shuman)

Buck Downs

John Wright
Lead guitar, vocals on Disc One, track 7

Greg Erken
Rhythm guitar, vocals on Disc One, tracks 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11

Jim Walrath

Pat Joe

Disc One:
Tracks 1 - 4 recorded to two-track, 5 - 7 to boombox at Jim and Pat's house, Dallas, TX, May 8th and thereabouts, 1986.

Tracks 8 - 14 recorded to two-track, Lynch Auditorium, University of Dallas, Summer, 1986.

Disc Two:
Tracks 1 - 9 recorded live to boombox,
Teresa Dorm party,
University of Dallas,
May 15, 1986

Tracks 10 - 20 recorded live to boombox,
Prophet Bar, Dallas, TX,
August 18, 1986

Thanks to Brian Lynch for vocals on Disc One, tracks 12, 13, 14.

Original engineering on Disc One by Jim Walrath. Remastered for CD and cover design by Greg Erken.

And thanks to whoever took the photos.

Live at the Prophet Bar,
Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX
August 18, 1986

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University of Dallas
May 10, 1986