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"Now Hear This"
a collection of my latest songs:

'Cause I'm Sally Nichols
Feeding Time Credits
Feeding Time Chase
Goin' Fishin'
Hey Rita (instrumental version)
Rolling and Tumbling
(M. Morganfield)


Uncle Greg Presents
Things One through Seven

Tunes written for my nieces and nephews.


Free Guitar
Slop 'Til You Drop

BluesRock duo, with Buck Downs on acoustic.


Miscellaneous Collaborations, Demos, and Unfinished Business
1987 - 2003

Collection of various stuff going back to when I first hit the "Record" button.



Support Group
Gas Track Record

Jam session with some old friends.


Mars Needs Women
Remasters of Their Domain

My short-lived college band.

Grande Jefe
The Valentine's Day Massacre

Guitar/drum duo with Sedge on drums.


Works in Progress

A folder of demos and bits of tunes in need of comment, critique, and collaboration (particularly lyrics).