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Uncle Greg Presents
Things One Through Seven

"Things" is a collection of songs for each of my nieces and nephews.

The first set, "Things One Through Five" was written and recorded from the mid-90s to 2002.

It's the Dannyman
(for Dan Lopez)

Emily Alane
(for Emma Erken)

Hey Rita
(for Rita Erken)

Happy Hanukkah, Monica
(for Monica Lopez)

Mr. Markman, Dig the
Wizard of Oz 
(for Mark Lopez)

"Mr. Markman" is a 9 minute mashup combining original music with the soundtrack to the "Wizard of Oz" and Edvard Grieg's "The Hall of the Mountain King," plus bits of everything from "The Phantom of the Opera" to the Rolling Stones.

Things One Through Five
This was the original cover, back when there were only Five Things...

"How Big Is Alex" (#6) and "Ben How You Been" (#7) are music videos.

"How Big Is Alex"
(for Alex Artis)

Video  (Windows Media, 6 Mbs)

How Big is Alex

"Ben How You Been"
(for Ben Erken)

Wherein I turn my whole family into a vaudeville act. This is a work-in-progress. This version combines footage of my family singing and dancing with a rough version of the song. Still to come is green-screen footage of myself leading the buffoonery.

Windows Media (9.5 Mb)
Quicktime (35 Mbs)

Ben How You Been
Some more stills from the video are here.

Songs, instruments, vocals, MIDI programming, and videos by Greg Erken. Thanks to Sedge for vocals on "Dannyman" and brushes on "Mr. Markman." Thanks to my whole family for singing and dancing their way through "Ben How You Been."