Silly videos that people email me can be found in the Funnies Folder.

"Long Circle"
Music video of one of my favorite songs, by my friend Charlie Maxton.

Train trip to New York City.

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Song Only


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"Ben How You Been"
Wherein I turn my whole family into a vaudeville act; written for my nephew Ben Erken as part of my "Things One Through Seven" project.

This is a work-in-progress. This version combines footage of my family singing and dancing with a rough version of the song. Still to come is green-screen footage of myself leading the buffoonery.

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Ben How You Been

"A Boy and His Blanky"
My nephew Alex Artis in

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Coming Soon!

"Feeding Time"
A drive home turns into nightmare...

My first attempt at filming a short story, starring Rita Erken. Here are the soundtrack pieces:

Feeding Time Credits
Feeding Time Chase


"Can I Record Now?"
A journey into the past
for the Lopez Family.

"How Big Is Alex"
Alex Artis dances to his song.

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How Big is Alex

"Sally Nichols
Is One Year Old"
My godchild's birthday party.

Here's the opening clip.
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